Engineers for Severus

Using warped logic and Muggle science to prove Snape theory

Engineers For Severus
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WHO ARE WE? Our dear Potions Master is a man of science and we strive to apply Muggle and Wizarding principles to prove various hypotheses relating to Severus Snape. engineers4sev is a community where Snape fans can combine our love of science and engineering with our fascination with the Greasy Git. The community holds monthly challenges and members are free to post the following at any time...

-Random thoughts on Snape and the application of scientific principle or theory
-Fan art of Snape doing scientific or engineering type activities
-Fan fiction relating to Snape and science, engineering, etc.
-Equations, formulas, or inequalities derived relating to Snape
-Scientific Snape filks
-Calculations about Snape's role in the plot of the books
-Anything that has do with Snape and Muggle or Wizard science

Note: In our world, "Potions" qualifies as a legitimate branch of science.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership to our prestigious society requires some form of collegiate engineering education, preferably a Bachelor's degree or the equivalent, in a recognized discipline of Muggle or Wizard engineering. Membership to the community is moderated, but please friend us if you would like to sit back and watch our antics.

After receiving your acceptance, please introduce yourself with a post containing following info...

Type of engineer:
Favorite scientific principle:
Describe Snape in one word:
What kind of engineer/scientist would Snape be:

MONTHLY CHALLENGES start on the 1st of every month and end on the last day of every month. All members are invited to submit entries. Submissions will be judged by engineers4sev moderators and the winner will be announced within 1 week.